Smiths Detection2013-10-29 10:39:38

Smiths Detection's new handheld explosives identifier improves responder safety

Smiths Detection today introduces ACE-ID, an advanced, handheld chemical identifier that has been rigorously tested to ensure its safe use when analyzing suspected explosives. It also identifies toxic industrial chemicals (TICs) and narcotics.

In 20 seconds or less, ACE-ID allows explosive ordnance division (EOD) teams, bomb squads, HazMat technicians, and law enforcement officers to identify unknown solids and water-based solutions. It uses Raman spectroscopy, a laser-based technique to identify chemicals. This eliminates the need to handle potentially dangerous substances and allows analysis through certain types of glass and plastics. ACE-ID's advanced laser platform also minimizes heat to substances that could ignite if explosive.

Ian May, Senior Vice President of Sales, Smiths Detection, said: "Our mission is to help protect communities and those who serve them. ACE-ID provides an unparalleled capability to identify explosives with confidence and without the need for physical contact."

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