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TSA Award of Contract to Smiths Detection for AT-2 Passenger Screening Systems

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced its decision to award a contract for Advanced Technology 2 (AT-2) X-ray scanners. Mal Maginnis, the president of Smiths Detection, which had competed for that contract, issued the following statement about the TSA announcement:

"Smiths Detection very strongly disagrees with the TSA's selection in its Advanced Technology 2 (AT-2) X-Ray scanner program. TSA's decision disregarded better detection capabilities that would have provided safer air travel and at a longer-term value for taxpayers' money.

"TSA's decision ignored its own stated needs for higher levels of detection capability, which the agency itself has deemed critical to ensuring the safety of air travellers. The decision also minimizes the future cost of ownership and the time and investment needed to ensure detection of new and emerging threats. Smiths Detection equipment already has the capability of detecting these threats, and represents the best value solution to TSA's needs, now and in future, considering total cost of ownership.

"We are also very concerned that TSA is awarding this contract to the same manufacturer who it recently moved to debar from federal contracting and significantly scrutinized for a lack of acceptable business quality and compliance management. If past performance is a factor in this decision, as TSA has stated, it is difficult to understand the choice they have made."

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