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Smiths Detection's eqo people screener wins key EU approval

Millimetre-wave system is only one of its kind to meet EU Standard 2 requirement

Smiths Detection announces today that its eqoâ„¢ millimetre-wave people screener has passed the ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference) Standard 2 threat detection test.

Approval means eqo, operating at the highest performance standard specified by the regulatory authorities, can now be used as the primary screening method for passengers passing through European Union airports. All security scanners installed in EU airports from 2019 onwards must have Standard 2 compliance.

Hans Zirwes, Smiths Detection's Vice President for International Sales, said: "Aviation operators are increasingly asking for people-screening solutions which fulfil both present and future security standards while also providing full privacy. Gaining Standard 2 approval provides the assurance of a future-proof solution through the use of our innovative technology."

The screening system, using non-ionising technology, completes a scan in seconds to locate concealed weapons, including 3D printed guns, explosives or contraband. It provides full 360-degree body coverage and presents an instant result on completion of the scan. Full privacy is provided through the use of a generic "mannequin" image to indicate the position of any suspicious item to the operator.

With its small footprint, eqo, is easily integrated into existing checkpoint layouts and can be deployed in a wide range of installations including airports, event venues, prisons, customs and entrances to government buildings.

eqo, has also been designed to meet the requirements of the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and is currently participating in the TSA's programme for second generation people-screening systems.

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