Smiths Detection2012-06-01 06:01:35

Implanted Body Bombs can be Detected, says Smiths Detection

Explosives surgically implanted or inserted in body cavities by terrorists intent on destroying planes in mid-air can be detected by technology already used to combat contraband threats, the President of Smiths Detection said today.

Speaking at an investor event in London, Mal Maginnis said the apparently growing threat from such tactics could be thwarted by a low-dosage x-ray system widely used to identify drug smugglers who have swallowed narcotics-packed condoms.

"Our B-SCAN, also used by prisons to keep out contraband and threat items, is a high-integrity solution to the challenge of detecting objects inside the body rather than merely hidden beneath clothes. It is certified as meeting international guidelines for radiation safety," he said.

"The technology is there and it is entirely up to the authorities to decide how it is deployed in the future. We see the B-SCAN as another, highly effective tool that would fit into the layered, risk-based approach to aviation security already widely adopted. There is no one, single solution."

More than 140 B-SCAN systems are currently deployed around the world, mainly at customs, prisons, court-rooms, mines and refineries.

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