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WCO Council adopts Second Resolution on Security and Facilitation and creates new High-Level Strategic Group

Directors General meeting at the WCO Headquarters in Brussels on the occasion of the 2004 WCO Council sessions (24, 25 and 26 June 2004) adopted a new Resolution on security and facilitation measures concerning the international trade supply chain. This Resolution follows on from the Resolution on Security and Facilitation of the International Trade Supply Chain, which was adopted in June 2002[1]. The latest resolution has initiated a High Level Strategic Group, which will provide leadership and Guidance to WCO Members in the establishment of an international Framework on security and facilitation.

The Resolution takes account of the challenges faced by Customs in the 21st Century, the changing international trade environment and the risks posed by terrorism and organized crime.

It galvanizes the support and commitment of Customs Leaders throughout the world by the creation of a new High-Level strategic Group, composed of a critical number of Directors General. This Group, which met for the first time on Saturday 26 June 2004, ensures the active participation and commitment of Directors General from each WCO region, in order to:

· Provide leadership and guidance to WCO Members and the wider international community;

· Prepare an international framework for security and facilitation;

· Develop and define standards on integrated supply chain security and facilitation;

· Recommend capacity building measures needed to assist developing countries showing the political will to conform to the standards that will be set.

To achieve this final objective, the Council has decided to establish a third Directorate within the Secretariat, with the responsibility for capacity building activities.

The Resolution also calls upon Customs services to commit themselves to implement modern Customs' processes and procedures and provides an important role for the Secretary General in monitoring progress, informing, facilitating and promoting the new global initiative.

The private sector and other international organizations will be fully involved in the implementation of the international framework, as developed by the Customs administrations.

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