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Smiths Detection launches new cargo X-ray inspection system HI-SCAN 250250 for optimized air cargo inspection.
Unique screening system to detect threats in air and sea freight.

Smiths Detection, the world's leading provider of X-ray and trace detection equipment, announces a unique new screening system for large air and sea freight. The HI-SCAN 250250 detects contraband and threats in shipments. It is especially designed for the inspection of large size pallets, crates, air and sea freight containers, cars and vans.

Optimal tunnel dimensions of 2700 x 2600 mm (106.3" x 102.4") and an average throughput of, forty to fifty 10-foot ULDs (unit load devices) make the new HI-SCAN 250250 an indispensable tool especially for air cargo at shipping ports, border security points and cargo warehouses. Due to its new high performance X-ray source, the HI-SCAN 250250 can typically penetrate up to 200 mm of steel.
Hans Linkenbach, President of Smiths Detection International said, "The launch of this brand new X-ray cargo inspection system will make an important contribution to the ongoing war against international terrorism and contraband trade. It is a highly effective system incorporating the very latest X-ray and imaging technology available."

The HI-SCAN 250250 is a medium energy (2500kV) X-ray system, and due to its generous tunnel dimensions is ideally suited for the inspection of palletized and containerized air and sea cargo. Typically this system finds application at customs checkpoints and related facilities. The HI-SCAN 250250 is available in single and dual view configuration, the single being easily upgradeable to the dual view mode if required. Modular tunnel extensions are available to meet application requirements of individual customers.

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