Smiths Detection2010-07-13 08:32:25

Smiths Detection Installs First eqo Scanners in Asian Airports

Smiths Detection's advanced eqo body imaging system, which use electronic, real-time imaging to detect concealed weapons or explosives, has been installed at three South Korean airports, the first deployment in Asia.

The three systems are being used as additional screening for passengers travelling through Gimpo, Gimhae, and Jeju airports. eqo's patented, millimetre-wave imaging provides a clear, moving picture of the person in front of a flat panel in a standard checkpoint layout. A remote operator can then check for any threat items - metal, non-metallic or liquid - hidden beneath clothing.

Using a fraction of the footprint of conventional scanners, eqo's open-plan design helps speed passenger throughput. Travellers just have to pause to face the panel and then turn around before continuing their journey. In addition to fully remote operation that provides anonymity, privacy filters such as face blurring are built into the system. The equipment is also programmed to be incapable of storing, transmitting or printing images. They are already installed at other international airports including London Heathrow and Gatwick in the UK.

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