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At Africa Aerospace and Defence 2008, Milkor displayed its latest products, including the lightweight New Generation anti-riot Stopper II

At this year's Africa Aerospace and Defence 2008, Milkor proudly displayed its latest products, including the lightweight New Generation anti-riot Stopper II, sporting an interchangeable butt-stock as well as other interchangeable parts making it possible to change the barrel from 37/38mm to 40mm, depending on the requirements of the specific deployment. This Multi-configuration system can be used in pistol format as well as in single shot grenade launcher format. It is a Single Shot break-open weapon with a simple double-action trigger design and is extremely easy to handle and holster.

Milkor also showcased its brand new super lightweight 40mm Under Barrel Grenade Launcher, weighing in at a mere 0.75kg. The new US-Mk 4S can be used on most of the existing mainline assault weapons such as the R4-Galil, M16, AK47, G3 and SG540 enabling the user with the added 40mm Grenade Launch capability. It is very compact at only 250mm long and swings open to reload, with a double action safety fixture securing it against accidental discharge. The 40mm US-Mark 4S is ideal for base protection and perimeter defence, and is light enough for patrol purposes too.

Apart from the new products on display the reliable Milkor MGL and Stopper range could also be seen. Furthermore the 40mm MGL Mk 1L was exhibited by Paramount on their double vehicle mount (added to a Smart car called the ‘Paramouse' which provided a bit of comic relief at the Exhibition), and BAE systems had the 40mm MRGL (Multi Range Grenade Launcher) mounted atop their RG32 on the new Milkor vehicle mount.

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