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Smiths Detection Launches Smart Trigger for Biological Detection

SmartBioâ„¢ Sensor Detects Biological and Toxic Agents Including Genetically-Altered and Unanticipated Threats

Smiths Detection, part of the global technology business Smiths Group, today announced the launch of SmartBioâ„¢ Sensor (SBS), a real-time detector for biological agents or airborne toxins. SBS provides a visual or audio alarm when a bio-threat is detected and classifies the agent by threat category.

Developed for field use in varied military environments, including incorporation into vehicles, the SBS alerts troops to the presence of biological material or toxins and classifies the potential threat. In civic settings, SBS can be used to protect critical infrastructure such as public venues, alerting emergency personnel of a biological event.

Stephen Phipson, Smiths Detection Group Managing Director, said: "In today's modern warfare, biological weapons pose a significant threat for troops around the world. We are delighted to offer military and emergency responders a product that provides 24/7 bio-threat detection."

The SmartBio Sensor takes continuous samples of the air, trapping bio-agents on to coupons. The onboard computer then classifies the threat and triggers the alarm. Bio-agents are retained for confirmatory analysis and archiving. SBS also has an onboard particle counter to maintain a low response to natural chemical and biological interferents in the air.

Mal Maginnis, President, Global Military and Emergency Responders for Smiths Detection, said: "SmartBio Sensor represents an advancement for real-time biological agent detection that can save lives not just by alerting the troops to the presence of a potentially lethal biological agent, but also by rapidly categorizing the threat type. Our SBS is able to detect known biological agents as well as genetically modified and unanticipated biological agents, which is critical in a world of evolving threats."

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