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QinetiQ North America Joins Innovation Network for Warfighter Systems

QinetiQ North America, a world-class developer of innovative technology solutions for national defense, announced today it has joined General Dynamics C4 Systems and other industry leaders to bring cutting-edge technology to the tactical edge of the battlefield. The collaboration initiative, called the EDGE(TM) Innovation Network, provides an open environment and operating process for industry, academia and government to work together to enhance the delivery cycle of warfighter technology and capabilities.

QinetiQ North America, which recently conducted in- theatre field tests of its Ears(TM) miniature sniper detection system, will bring its national defense technology and expertise to the collaboration. Ears' miniature low-profile acoustic sensor, coupled with operator interfaces for individual warfighters, vehicles and fixed locations, audibly cues U.S. forces with direction and distance in less than a tenth of a second from the first gunshot for heightened situational awareness in both urban and rural landscapes.

"Our government is dedicated to improving the combat awareness of warfighters and facilitating their rapid response to sniper attacks," said Don Steinman, Director, Transition Programs, QinetiQ North America. "Participating in this network allows QinetiQ to better provide the tools soldiers need to increase their awareness and respond immediately to attacks."

"EDGE membership provides access to next generation warrior systems that use standard commercial interfaces in an open framework which makes it easier for government and industry to build the capability into warfighting gear," said Richard Coupland, EDGE Innovation Network director. "This open sharing of information and technology helps foster innovation at faster cycle times than currently possible on funded programs to enhance the combat effectiveness of today's warfighters."

The EDGE is actively monitoring over 25 projects intended to improve and enhance warfighter capabilities. Officially opened in December 2006, there are currently 34 EDGE member companies. More information can be found online at www.edge- innovation.com

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