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Smiths Detection to help protect Swedish defence forces against chemical warfare agents

Smiths Detection has been awarded a contract valued at almost £2 million to supply its Lightweight Chemical Detectors (LCD) to the Swedish defence forces, under the country's Personal Chemical Detection programme.

The LCD is a compact, wearable detector designed to provide protection for troops and civil emergency personnel. It can detect a wide range of chemical warfare agents including nerve, blister, blood and choking agents as well as toxic industrial chemicals. Deliveries of the 450 LCD units plus communications and other accessories will commence this month.

The contract, which includes options for additional LCDs to meet future requirements, was awarded by FMV, the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration. FMV, an independent, civil authority that provides the Swedish armed forces with materiel and systems, carried out extensive trials on the LCD in extreme conditions ahead of the contract award. Smiths Detection, is a world-leading provider of x-ray technology and systems that detect and identify chemicals, biological threats and explosives.

Damian Tracey, President, Smiths Detection - Military, said: "It is a major achievement to have been selected by FMV to provide this new layer of security for Sweden's military forces. The contract is a landmark in the international deployment of this advanced detector. The selection of Smiths Detection for the PCD programme is a testimony to the quality of our technology, engineering and manufacturing that were thoroughly tested during FMV's selection process.�

Mr Anders Dahlqvist, Head of General Equipment Programmes, Land Systems at FMV, said: "FMV contributes to increased safety and security for Swedish society by identifying innovative and cost-effective solutions. LCD meets our requirements in this area and is a good example of international collaboration that allows us to offer our customers a dependable and effective means of meeting their defence procurement needs. As a technical solution, LCD meets the highest standards we require for new equipment in the Swedish Armed Forces and for the country's total defence strategy.�

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