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QinetiQ launch European satellite interference location service

UK-based service added to Asian operation; first customer secured

Responding to increased demand from commercial satellite operators and government organisations QinetiQ is launching a European satellite interference geolocation service. This service will assist in the fight against malicious or accidental disruption to satellite communications services. Hosted in the UK and operating on a 24/7 basis the service will allow customers to rapidly identify, and accurately locate, the source of interference to their satellites.

The European service, launched today does not require the customer to install any equipment at their premises. Provided on a pay-as you-go annual service contract, a high level of service protection is available without complex technical integration allowing QinetiQ to meet the needs of new customers very quickly.

The service is based on QinetiQ's state of the art satID® system and exploits advanced patented techniques to deliver a highly accurate and fast service. QinetiQ has already secured its first European customer for the service which mirrors a similar QinetiQ geolocation operation based in Singapore and serving Asia.

Interference is often accidental, the result of faulty equipment, or incorrect operation of ground terminals. With this service, the groundstation causing the problem can be alerted once the source has been identified. However, not all interference is accidental. Malicious attacks also occur and are a growing threat. The 2002 World Cup from Japan and South Korea was targeted by the Falon Gong cult group who jammed Chinese TV broadcasts. As a result the satellite operators contracted to transmit the 2006 World Cup from Germany were required to address this issue and consequently QinetiQ satID® systems were deployed to provide a geolocation capability to protect the broadcasts.

Satellite interference is recognised as being such an increasing threat that the US Department of Defense is now insisting that satellite operators do all in their power to mitigate this, including the use of geolocation tools and services. The recently published US National Space Policy also refers specifically to interference protection as a requirement.

Dr Rob Rideout, QinetiQ's satID® Business Group Manager, said: "This European service launch will complement our existing Asian service and provide customers with access to a dedicated geolocation service capability that is unique in Europe. We now provide a cost effective, service based alternative to satellite operators who do not wish to commit to purchasing a system but still want to promote a satellite communications service which includes the added protection and piece of mind of a geolocation capability.â€?

QinetiQ is the leading supplier of satellite communications interference location equipment and services to operators, regulators and government agencies worldwide. As well as the European and Asian services, QinetiQ has secured £6 million of direct satID® system sales in the past three years.

QinetiQ has undertaken over 20 years' research into the area of geolocation, which has resulted in the delivery of interference location services and the creation of satID®. Dr Rideout concluded: "satID® has gained a very high reputation with our customers for its performance and in-service reliability. QinetiQ is the only company that has continuously participated in industry fora to push the technology of interference mitigation forward and we will continue to do so, ensuring this is driven by industry needs."

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