HR Smith Group of Companies

Since its formation in 1965, the H.R.Smith Group of Companies has opened up a whole new horizon of advanced technology through the development of a wide range of specialist materials and equipment.
Designed to revolutionise the efficiency of military and civil airborne and land communications, navigation and special functions, H.R.Smith Group expertise leads the world in material and product superiority across a wide spectrum of activities.
The Group also has a distinguished international reputation for high performance advanced thermoplastic structures, microwave antennas and components as well as test instrumentation.

Designs and manufactures a complete range of airborne antennas for fixed and rotary wing platforms both civil and military.
Supplies electrostatic dischargers for complete noise quietening of all types of aircraft platforms. H.R.Smith (Technical Developments) Ltd specialise in low weight, low cost, fully approved electrostatic dischargers for commercial aircraft use.
Conductive sealing gaskets for the often neglected antenna to aircraft interface for all types of manufactured antenna worldwide.

Techest Limited manufacture a full range of internationally certified Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs), Personal Locator Beacons (PLB) and Automatically Deployable Emergency Locator Transmitters (ADELT). Used extensively with the world wide COSPAS/ SARSAT rescue system. Latest versions have in built Global Positioning System (GPS) for enhanced rescue.
Techtest also offer a full range of Search and Rescue (SAR) systems to locate personnel in distress for both civil and combat SAR use.
In addition the company manufacture a range of test equipment specifically for testing aircraft antenna in situ, along with a primary attenuator standard for the National Physics Laboratories.

Specmat's unique combination of advanced design and manufacturing technology plus R.F design know how places it at the forefront of advanced thermoplastic composite technology.
The new generation of advanced engineering thermoplastic has enabled Specmat to create advanced reinforced structures which have unique rain erosion and impact resistance, high temperature capability and thermal stability, superior electrical and mechanical properties and enhanced chemical resistance all at an affordable price with on time delivery.
Specmat continues to supply world wide, aircraft radomes and structures for both civil and military applications.

The H.R.Smith Group in England are complimented by the Group's American Specmat operation, with its headquarters in Maryville, Tennessee.
The Company handles all business of the H.R.Smith Group within the USA and Canada.


Antenna - Including all forms of aircraft antenna including wide band multi-mode switched VHF/UHF conformal antennas such as VOR/LOC cavity antennas and advanced conformal electronically steered arrays designed to be integrated within the aircraft.
Search and Rescue - Products include full range of personal locator beacons, emergency locator transmitters, together with multi channel homing systems. All the equipment is COSPAS/SARSAT approved and suitable for various airborne platforms, including combat search and rescue.
Gaskets - These include conductive sealing gaskets to ensure good reliable electrical, corrosion free joints on all types of airborne structures.
Dischargers - A full range of electrostatic dischargers, for all types of civil and military aircraft to minimise the effects of static build up on aircraft platforms.
Test Sets - A range of test equipment capable of measuring the VSWR of antenna systems and their associated feeder cables from 20Mhz to 4.4Ghz.
R.F. Ancillaries - These include passive and active couplers, filters, diplexers and R.F Components.
Misc Ancillaries - Products include a range of ground and marine antennas, radomes and a primary standard attenuator.

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HR Smith Group of Companies

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