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Since 1999 when we began developing the AVERT solution, as ARES Corporation with the support of the US Department of Defense, our mission has been to provide solutions that safeguard your critical assets from the world’s dynamic threat environment. On October 1 2012, ARES Security Corporation was officially established as a stand-alone company to deliver the AVERT solution to our existing government clients while investing in future technologies and growing our commercial security market. In 2013, ARES Security Corporation acquired a majority ownership interest in The Mariner Group, a company that provided advanced situational awareness solutions to ports and other critical infrastructure.

With the incorporation of Mariner's CommandBridge platform into ARES Security’s portfolio of risk management solutions, we were able to offer the full spectrum of products and services to prepare, prevent, detect, assess and respond to the myriad of risks that threaten critical infrastructure. In the early years, we focused primarily on nuclear infrastructure and maritime domain awareness, but it soon became clear that our emphasis on providing awareness through context directly translated to a variety of other industries and applications. As a result, we’ve tailored and expanded our suite of products over the years to apply exceptional situational awareness to a variety of industries. 

Today, ARES Security Corporation provides solutions that ensure homeland security and business continuity against an entire range of risks that jeopardize people, revenue and operations. We are continually advancing our portfolio by evaluating best-in-breed technologies and developing new innovative solutions. This translates into consistent, enhancement-rich versions of our software and new solutions that help tackle our customers’ most difficult security issues. Our vision is to become the leading provider of advanced situational awareness and risk management software worldwide. 

Innovative Solutions For Aging Infrastructure Critical Infrastructure

The critical infrastructure in the United States has become a complex system that is increasingly reliant on assessment tools and physical and cyber security systems to provide service and capacity for many vital areas such as energy, communication, water, finance, and transportation. There is also a growing need for these systems to serve not just the individual infrastructure requirements but to provide regional support in the event of emergencies. As time passes, the infrastructure in the United States is becoming more prone to failure as the average age of structures increase, and the cost of improving the infrastructure in the U.S. is significant and rising. For example, the number of dams rated as deficient—or those with structure or hydraulic deficiencies leaving them susceptible to failure—tripled between 1999 and 2008. These examples present the diminishing condition of infrastructure throughout the U.S., but fail to mention the growth of security issues throughout the critical infrastructure sector. 

In most facilities, security systems are lacking in some way, shape, or form. Whether it be one sensor that needs to be upgraded or an entire outdated system, most of the facilities have already submitted grant requests to improve their security. Today, attacks are carried out by terrorist groups, terrorist sympathizers, lone wolves, and others almost daily. The ever-increasing attacks on these critical physical and cyber based systems are creating a national challenge for us to protect and defend against known and unknown threats on the infrastructure and ensure their resilience. As a result, the Department of Homeland Security created numerous grant programs to help improve the country’s safety and infrastructure. These improvements are typically costly, and due to the variety of potential attacks do not protect entities from the entire range of threats facing their facilities. From nuclear facilities to entire cities, overall security is behind, causing entities around the nation to respond to threats rather than prevent them.

On top of our degrading infrastructure and insufficient security, there is a lack of coordination between private and public companies and their local response agencies. Most organizations are running different systems, have their own policies and procedures, and are operating independently rather than cohesively. These factors are just a few issues that are all contributing to an even larger problem, collaboration. Our suite of products offer a wide-range of solutions that can help your facility prepare, prevent, detect, assess, and respond to both physical and cyber threats. Our AVERT and ASSURE products have been adapted to analyze and give context to a wider base of information feeds. This method enables you to test the efficiency of new technologies with AVERT before purchasing them, and if proven valuable, integrate them into your security system using CommandBridge. These capabilities help you quickly realize the ROI of a new purchase, and give you the vital ability to securely share information with outside agencies.


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