Correctional Facilities Security Market Technologies – 2019-2023

Correctional Facilities Security Market Technologies – 2019-2023

Prison Security Technologies Market Analysis & Forecast

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From perimeter and internal security to contraband and violence, securing correctional facilities is a tough, complex and expensive job. Security measures for correctional facilities are going through a major technological shift, driving up spending on securing prisons and jails. Historically, correctional facilities used a simple fence, barb-wire and guards to secure its perimeter. However, today, these facilities are using modern technologies such as: video surveillance & analytics, X-ray screening systems, drone and counter-drone systems, electronic monitoring, cell phone jamming and other technologies to secure their external and internal infrastructure.

Despite major efforts by prison officials to keep drugs, weapons, and other contraband out of their facilities, these items get smuggled in daily by different entities and pose a major threat to the safety and security of these facilities, their personnel and inmates.

The correctional facilities security technologies market report divides the market into 4 main segments – perimeter security, internal security, contraband detection, and life outside the prison. The largest segment, accounting for about 50% of the market (by $ value) consists of internal security systems which includes video surveillance & video analytics, access control systems, cell phone jammers and more.

Prison Security Market Share by Segment

Key insights from our prison security market research include:

The desire to reduce staff and interaction between staff and prisoners is one of the main drivers for security technology adoption. Improved security is the second driver of this market.

Advancements and maturity of security technologies as well as price reduction of several technologies and products is making it worthwhile for vendors to invest in prison security products.

The U.S.A is by far the largest market. The main reason is the extremely high number of prisoners in the country and the ability of the states to invest money on technology solutions.

Developing markets are only now starting to invest in security technologies for prisons, and the basic investment is intended for video surveillance and access control.

Contraband is one of the main concerns for prisons. The rise of drone usage makes it hard for prisons to secure their perimeter. Counter drone technologies is a new market, though still small, but will become a must-have solution in the future for prisons.

The use of IoT is also starting to penetrate the prisons industry. Attaching sensors on the fences, inside cells and on prisoners is in initial test phases and constitutes a very small market, however, a market that aims to change the way prisons will operate in the near future.

Screening technologies that are very mature in other markets (for example: airport security) are becoming more available to correctional facilities. X-ray systems are starting to be used at the entrance of a facility to identify the smuggling of contraband on the human body as well as for cargo inspection.

Many countries are not satisfied with their existing prison system and are testing new ways to operate and secure their prisons. This trend starts a trial and error phase in which countries invest money into various technologies, thus creating new opportunities in the market

Cell phone usage inside prisons is a growing issue that is affecting security spending both in contraband detection technologies, and with internal security. Jamming or detection of calls is high on the priority list of many countries.

The report includes business opportunities and challenges, SWOT analysis and market analysis (e.g., market dynamics, market drivers and inhibitors). The Prison Security Technologies Market report examines each dollar spent in the market in terms of 4 key independent aspects: countries, technologies, segments and sub-segments. Each aspect is analyzed thoroughly to better understand the market and the business opportunities it holds. These aspects and the corresponding analysis include:

Correctional Facilities Security Technologies Market

The Prison Security Market report provides market size and forecast for each segment and sub-segment for the period of 2018-2023, according to the following segmentation:

A] Internal Security Technologies and Inmate Management

Video Surveillance and analytics

Prisoner Management

Cell Phone Jamming

Access Control

RFID Scanners

Hand-Held Metal Detectors

Non-Metallic Detectors

Radio Communication & Intercom

Prison Cell Sensors

B] Perimeter Security Technologies

Video Surveillance & Analytics

Drone Security

Counter-Drone Security

Detection Sensors


C] Contraband Smuggling Screening Technologies

Metal Detectors

X-Ray People Screening

X-Ray Vehicles/Cargo Screening

Vehicle Inspection

Access Control

D] Life Outside of Prison Technologies

Electronic Monitoring

E] Other Technologies

Top-down and bottom-up approaches that were used to estimate and validate the size of the prison security market and sub-markets. With a highly fragmented prison security systems market, we analyzed each dollar spent via 5 bottom-up research vectors:

By 4 Segments:

Internal security  technologies and inmate management

Perimeter security technologies

Contraband detection technologies

Outside prison life technologies

Other technologies

By 20 Sub-Segments:

Video surveillance

Video analytics

Prisoner management

Cell phone jamming

RFID scanners

Access control

Hand held metal detectors

Non-metallic detectors

Radio communications & intercom

Prison cell sensors

Drone security


Detection sensors


X-ray vehicles/cargo screening

X-ray people screening

Metal detectors

Vehicle inspection

Access control

Electronic monitoring

By 5 Regional Markets:

North America

Latin America


Middle East and Africa


By 19 National Markets:











South Korea




South Africa

Gulf Corporation Council (GCC)




The report presents: 

25 Key Vendors: Profiles, Products & Contact Info.

Adani Systems

Advanced Perimeter Systems

ASI Security


Black Creek

Bosch Security System

Central Square Tech


Eagle Advantage Solutions


Guardian Security Solutions

Megal Security Systems

Montgomery Technology




Real Time Networks


Spillman Technologies (a Motorola Company)

Smiths Detection

Synergy Inmate Communication

Syscon Justice Systems

Tyler Technologies

Telmate Transforming Inmate Communication

Zone Advanced Protection Systems

The correctional facilities security market forecast report presents analyses of the following segments:

Internal Security Systems

Internal security measures and systems is the largest segment in the prison security market. The lion share of spending in this segment is on video surveillance & video analytics and access control systems. Furthermore, correctional facilities are trying to reduce the friction between inmates and guards and among the inmates themselves, so video analytics and other sensors can alert and provide key intelligence on undesired events occurring inside the facility. An additional growing technological segment is the use of cell phone jammers which provide managed access capabilities as well as the possibility to track unauthorized cellphone usage.

Perimeter Security Systems

Basic walls and fencing are no longer sufficient to keep a prison secured. Today, a plethora of detection sensors and video surveillance capabilities complement the traditional guard towers to create a much more comprehensive line of defense. Furthermore, with the use of these advanced technologies, guards can now remain in a control room to monitor the situation. These control rooms include advanced video analytics, motion sensors, acoustic sensors and even radars that identify transmission activities in the vicinity of the prison and other technologies that support the guards. It’s worth mentioning that besides improving security measures, an important driver is to reduce the manpower allocated for patrol or physical posts.

Contraband Detection Systems – Prison Entry-Point Security

The entrance to a prison is highly monitored, however contraband still finds its way into the prison, even through the front gate. Mature technologies that are used in other segments are being used to reduce and stop contraband from getting into prisons walls. Screening solutions such as X-ray screening and vehicle inspection technologies are a growing market in this segment.

Electronic Monitoring Security Measures – Life Outside the Prison

The most prominent technology used to monitor inmates on vacation, ex-inmates and parolees is electronic monitoring, such as ankle bracelets.

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Correctional Facilities Security Market Technologies – 2019-2023

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