MiliCas - The Ultimate Military Aircraft Information System.

MiliCAS (Military airCraft Analytical System) has been developed to be the world's most powerful market information source for military fixed-wing aircraft. MiliCAS details the current status of over 48,000 individual western-built military aircraft and Russian built military transports operated worldwide at tail number level and summarises a further 19,500 aircraft at operator type level, including fighters, bombers, transports, trainers and surveillance aircraft.

How Milicas can help your business:

* Market Analysis - When it comes to budget time, Milicas is your authoritative source for fleet sizes and historical performance
* Sales - Milicas addresses and contacts are ready to reference or export for a mailing through Contact Manager
* Product Support - Milicas provides support for your products. How are your products being used? How many aircraft of each type/model are in each country? How old are they?

Who can benefit from Milicas?

* Repair and overhaul facilities
* Operators
* OEMs
* Consultants
* Authorities
* Finance companies
* Parts Distributors


* Information on aircraft in a military role, plus military aircraft in a commercial role
* Details include operator, owner, serial number, tail number, age, country and engine
* Competitions and support contracts
* Retrofit and upgrade data
* Historical production
* Weapon compatibility
* Delivery schedule (where available)
* Primary and secondary role
* Destroyed and retired aircraft
* Contacts and Addresses - Contact Manager
* Orders - current and historical (where available)
* Easy to use menus, with ready to print reports
* Query tool (QDT) with export facility
* Updated monthly by CD

* Request a Demo

Analyse your market with data you can trust

Our data is compiled by our dedicated team of in-house researchers. We aim to have the most accurate and most complete data available worldwide.


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MiliCas - The Ultimate Military Aircraft Information System.

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