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KNM Media are international representatives of Homeland Security Research Corp. (HSRC) based in Washington, DC, HSRC is an international market research and professional services firm serving the homeland security market. HSRC provides premium market, technology and industry expertise that enable clients around the world gain critical insight into the business opportunities that exist within the Homeland Security market. Clients include U.S., European and Israeli governments, Fortune 500 companies and homeland security planners worldwide.

Global Homeland Security, Homeland Defense & Intelligence Markets Outlook 2009-2018

Publication: 10/2008, Pages: 375, Figures: 150, Tables: 70,
Single User Price: $4,950.00
Departmental (five users) Price: $6,200.00
Global Site Price: $7,450.00

Global Homeland Security, Homeland Defense & Intelligence Markets Outlook 2009-2018 HSRC has announced the addition of the “Global Homeland Security, Homeland Defense & Intelligence Markets Outlook 2009-2018? report to their offering.

In over 375 pages, 70 tables and 150 figures, the new “Global Homeland Security, Homeland Defense & Intelligence Markets Outlook 2009-2018� report reviews trends, technologies, sectors and markets, and concludes that the lion share of this growth will financed by an ever-growing redirection of non terror related national security budgets toward the HLS-HLD and counter terror intelligence sectors.

The new report details the future Technology and market trends of major HLS-HLD market sectors including: Biometrics, Aviation security, Maritime security, Information. Technology and Cyber terror security, CBRN security, Infrastructure security, Counter terror intelligence, the private sector HLS, RFID based systems, Border security, Perimeter security, First responders, HLS-HLD C3I systems, Nuclear-Radiological screening systems, and more.

Global People Screening Markets and Technologies Outlook 2009-2015

Publication: 03/2009, Pages: 365, Figures: 171, Tables: 167,
Single User Price: $5,950.00
Departmental (five users) Price: $7,450.00
Global Site Price: $8,950.00

Global People Screening Markets and Technologies Outlook 2009-2015 This People-Screening Markets and Technologies Report covers the United States, Europe and the Rest of the World (ROW).

The report covers in detail existing and evolving markets and products in the following segments:

* Weapons detection
* Explosives detection
* Multi-Threat detection (including portals and standoff solutions)
* Biometrics
* Profiling and Behavior Tracking

In each segment, the report examines the following aspects:

* Technologies - A description of the technologies, their advantages, drawbacks and future trends.
* Markets - A description of the current market(s) – vendor(s) and user(s) perspectives, and a forecast of the market‘s evolution up to 2015 – including user(s) and vendor(s) segmentation, installed base and projected market trends.
* Economics – A current and projected cost/performance analysis of relevant factors.

The report incorporates analysis of market behavior under stressed economic conditions and provides a timeline analysis for the development and deployment of evolving solutions.

Global Counter IED - Markets & Technologies Forecast - 2008-2012
Business Opportunities, IED, Reports

Publication: 07/2007, Pages: 279 Figures: 94, Tables: 144,
Single User Price: $4,950.00
Departmental (five users) Price: $6,200.00
Global Site Price: $7,450.00

Counter IED Market Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) evolved over the past few years from a tactical “nuisance� threat to a strategic problem – challenging the tactics, strategies and warfighting capabilities of established armies worldwide. The result should be a reavaluation and major changes to military doctrines world wide, impacting outlooks, makeup and budgets for decades to come.

The report arrives at some surprising conclusions about the ways the IED threat will influence the evolution of militaries in general and counter IED technologies in particular. The report examines existing and evolving strategies and technologies and highlights the advantages and disadvantages of adopting each technology.

Among others, the new research report focuses on the following areas:

1. Global Counter-IED Business Opportunities – New market entrants with a technological edge are presented with market entry opportunities in several multi-billion dollar markets
2. Analysis of 71 current and future counter-IED technologies by tactical segments (e.g., Prediction, Detection, Prevention, Neutralization and Destruction, Mitigation)
3. 2008-2012 Global Procurement, Services and Upgrade Market forecasts (2008-2012 aggregate market totaling $23.2 billion with an outlay of $29.4 billion)
4. 2008-2012 Global market forecasts analyzed and segmented by country (e.g., U.S., Europe, India, Israel, China, Arab Word)
5. Global Counter-IED Market Growth opportunities segmented by country


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May 2008

Homeland Security Research Corporation 20th May 2008

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