ITT Defence

ITT Headquarters
ITT Headquarters

ITT Defence is the supplier of the VHF and UHF radios and associated networking capability for Bowman, the UK Ministry of Defence’s Tactical Communications System that is providing the infrastructure for UK battlefield digitisation. Once Bowman is fully deployed it will be a central element of the Ministry of Defence’s Network Enabled Capability vision, linking together aircraft, ships and army fighting vehicles to enable vital decisions to be made more quickly and efficiently.

ITT’s High Capacity Data Radio (HCDR) is an intelligent, self-managing, mobile, ad hoc networking VHF/UHF radio that provides the data backbone for Bowman. HCDR implements innovative networking protocols that do not require fixed-base stations. It automatically forms and maintains high throughput IP data networks and allows for dynamic movements of data across the battlefield without loss of connectivity or the need for operator intervention. Designed using open-architecture commercially available plug and play hardware with rapidly programmable software to meet the future needs of the military, HCDR can be easily connected to any battlefields systems using RFC-compliant IP protocols.

ITT Defence is exploiting its success in the UK through overseas sales of its Centaur family of software defined radios for tactical air, ground and sea use. After a competitive procurement, ITT Defence was awarded a contact by the Belgian Ministry of Defence to supply its High Capacity Data Radio. Phil Merison, MD, ITT Defence says," This was the first of a number of expected export orders and validates ITT Defence’s vision of being a total systems supplier to our customers. The HCDR is the centrepiece of our Centaur Communications System which provides a highly robust network centric battlefield architecture. The key component of Centaur is the HCDR, which provides the mobile networking backbone communications layer."

ITT Defence will be supplying a comprehensive support system that is capable of growing as the HCDR is progressively deployed throughout the relevant parts of the Belgian Armed Forces.

ITT Defence’s Advanced Data Radio (ADR+), Portable Radio (VPT) and High Capacity Data Radio (HCDR) were selected by General Dynamics UK as the key component of the New Integrated Marines Communications and Information System (NIMCIS) tactical communications system procurement in the Netherlands. Phil Merison says, “Battlefield digitisation capability is now fundamental to the success of Armed Forces worldwide. By selecting similar equipment to the UK military, the Netherlands Marines will now have the important ability to interoperate with the UK and other Allied Forces."

However ITT Defence is not active only in the tactical communications world. . The itt’s Basingstoke headquarters operation serves the UK Ministry of Defence on a number of fronts. These include Bowman, Replacement Precision Approach Radars for 26 RAF sites, Night Vision conversion and repairs and Avionics.

ITT Defence is the British subsidiary of ITT Industries ( and supports the US based ITT Defense and Electronics interests in radar, night vision, airborne electronic warfare equipment, satellite ground stations, support and communications equipment in the UK.


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ITT Defence

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