PGA ELECTRONIC An Astronics Company

PGA ELECTRONICis specialized in aircraft cabin systems and passenger seat actuators for business jet customers and airlines. It has been chosen to equip the First Class Cabin of the brand new Singapore Airlines Airbus A 380, whose first commercial flight is announced for the second part of 2006.

An important milestone for this young company created in 1989 by three engineers, Jean François Piaulet, Laurent Groussin and Pascal Moulin.

In these few years, PGA ELECTRONIC has grown to become a major designer and manufacturer of complete standard and customized systems for Airlines and VIP/Corporate jets and helicopters.

In 1995, the company systems were chosen to equip the first full lie-flat seats for Air France. More than 45 airlines worldwide are today using PGA’s electronics, control and junction boxes, keyboards or reading lights in their First and Business Class cabins. The company also supplies audio, video and lighting equipment for an increasing number of VIP jets like the Falcon, Airbus and Boeing.

In September 1996, PGA ELECTRONIC developed a fibre-optic individual reading light, since then used on hundreds of luxury seats around the world. It offers today a complete LED-based line of reading lights. In 1997, Dassault Falcon Service chose PGA ELECTRONIC to supply keyboards for its Falcon family. PGA obtained its EASA PART 21 and EASA PART 145 agreements in 1999.

As a result of its rapidly expanding activities, PGA ELECTRONIC recently moved into a new 3.700 sq meter headquarters facility adjacent to Châteauroux Airport in central France, and the company is already planning to more than double its premises to accommodate its growing number of engineering, sales and administrative staff.

For the VIP and Corporate markets, PGA designs and supplies audio and video systems, from the 42’’ plasma screen to the small « Keyboard Touch Screen » introduced in September 2005 during the WEAA Exhibition in Hamburg. PGA ELECTRONIC also provides audio and video sources, cabin lighting and advanced cabin management based on BUS technology.

In 2003, PGA ELECTRONIC introduced the “Paradize II��? advanced cabin management system, which completed its integration on a VIP-configured Airbus A330 widebody airliner. The company also launched a scaled-down version called “Paradize II Lite��? that is now being offered for small- and medium-sized business jets.

“Paradize II��? links together all of an aircraft’s in-flight entertainment and cabin lighting components, including audio and video systems; DVD, CD and video cassette recorders; external video cameras; live television and flight-following systems; high-definition monitors; passenger and cabin crew video touch-screen control units; mood lighting and individual reading lights, and various interface units.

The “Paradize II��? system is built around PGA Avionics’ own RVB high-speed multipoint CAN-architecture digital data bus.

“Paradize II��? introduces a new level of cabin system integration, which meets customers’ increasingly complex demands for the configuration of in-flight entertainment systems and aircraft lighting on VIP aircraft and business jets.

In addition to “Paradize II’s��? installation on the VIP A330 (which is to be delivered to its international customer later this year), the advanced cabin management system also is in production to equip an Airbus A340 VIP aircraft and two A320-Family Airbus Corporate Jetliners.

PGA ELECTRONIC’s hardware and systems are used on a variety of aircraft, including the A330 and A340 in VIP configurations; A320 Corporate Jetliners; the Boeing Business Jet; Dassault’s Falcon 20, 50B, 50EX, 900B, 900EX and 2000; and the Beech 200.

Operators with PGA Avionics-equipped aircraft are located in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Asia, North Africa, Russia, the Ukraine and elsewhere around the world.

PGA ELECTRONIC SA is a major partner of European and American seat manufacturers. PGA offers include:

  • High tech rotative and linear actuators
  • Pneumatic actuators
  • Led reading lights
  • Keyboards
  • All cables and power junction box
  • Electronic control junction for :
    • actuators
    • reading lights
    • other suppliers systems
  • IFE systems

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PGA ELECTRONIC An Astronics Company

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