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Armourshield has manufactured high quality body armour for 30 years, and established a worldwide client base among military and law enforcement agencies.

Armour is available in a variety of styles, both overt and covert, to meet the needs of the end user.

The Armourshield patented "Blunt Trauma System", a feature if all our vests, considerably reduces the potential for serious injury, by spreading the energy over a larger area when a vest is hit by a round.

Our in-house ballistic range enables us to thoroughly test new products before they sent for formal certification. Indeed, Armourshield has more NIJ (US) product certifications than any other non-US body armour manufacturer.

All products are manufactured to ISO 9001:2000 standards and the company has recently received Investor in People accreditation.

Product Range

  • Body Armour – Ballistic, anti-stab, and dual purpose
  • Protective Aprons – For de-mining and industrial purposes
  • Hard Armour Upgrade Plates – For use in conjunction with body armour to provide protection from high velocity rifle fire
  • Ballistic Shields – Available in Levels IIIA and III
  • Ballistic Blankets – Blast and fragment containment, various levels
  • Ballistic Clipboards – For use at checkpoints etc.
  • Ballistic Bags – Available in a number of formats, to permit carriage, loading and unloading of weapons in sensitive areas and transport of loaded weapons in a sterile environment for forensic applications.

Armourshield are also able to supply helmets and a wide range "sundry" items for the military and law enforcement market.


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