International Corrections and Prisons Association

International Corrections and Prisons Association - provides a forum for criminal justice professionals to join in a dialogue and to share ideas and practices aimed at advancing professional corrections.

A Brief History

Correctional systems worldwide face a broad spectrum of challenges that impede the effective discharge of their individual mandates. As the global community develops and inter-jurisdictional communication increases it is obvious that there are common problems affecting many systems.

This fact was underscored at the "Beyond Prisons" international symposium held in Canada, in March 1998. Criminal justice professionals from approximately forty countries participated and it became clear that some forum for effectively sharing ideas and practices internationally should exist.

Since that time, correctional conferences and symposia in a number of countries have also recognized the utility of such an association. It was a formal agenda item at the Israel Prison Service 50th Jubilee conference in June 1998. In early September 1998, a group of international criminal justice professionals met to plan the formal establishment of the Association and to develop its program of work.


"To contribute to public safety and healthier communities by encouraging and enabling best correctional practices in prisons and outside communities".

Objectives for Action

    1. Promoting, maintaining and strengthening co-operation between individuals, institutions, organizations and associations interested in corrections and criminal justice policies which affect corrections and prisons.
    2. Encouraging the involvement of victims, offenders' families, volunteer organizations and other elements of the community in finding helpful and workable solutions to correctional and criminal justice issues.
    3. Promoting best practices.
    4. Organizing conferences, seminars and workshops.
    5. Being a centre for the dissemination of information and literature on activities and research.
    6. Promoting co-operation and collaborative initiatives between jurisdictions in areas of common interest. Encouraging and promoting research.
    7. Promoting staff exchanges and study visits between interested jurisdictions.
    8. Enhancing public education, understanding and involvement in correctional matters.
    9. Providing support for, collaborating with, and generally facilitating the work of bilateral and multilateral agencies providing technical assistance or training.
    10. Promoting the study of correctional matters at a tertiary level of education.

Shared Values

The work of the ICPA will be based upon the following shared values:

    1. The enhancing of public safety by the development of sound corrections and criminal justice policy.
    2. The respect for the dignity of all individuals and the protection of their rights in accordance with the United Nations Standards and Norms in Criminal Justice, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
    3. The expansion and testing of the theoretical and empirical body of knowledge that underpins professionalism in corrections.
    4. The open and free sharing of ideas, knowledge, values and experience that is essential for sustained growth and development of all communities.
    5. The importance of strong partnerships, built upon mutual respect and ongoing collaboration.
    6. The recognition that sound correctional practices contribute to the harmony, health, and prosperity of communities.

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International Corrections and Prisons Association

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