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We Provide Comprehensive Protection Solutions

NP Aerospace Jordan provides cost effective, affordable and effective protection solutions for personnel working in high-risk environments. Military and law enforcement troops, NGO staffs, aid workers and media correspondents face numerous threats from small arms, land mines and bombs while conducting operations in zones of unrest and conflict.

Founded in Jordan as a joint Venture company between King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) and NP Aerospace Ltd. of Coventry UK, NP Aerospace Jordan (NPAJ) works closely with clients to meet their requirements for high performance and reduced weight are met.

NPAJ combines the strengths of its shareholding organizations.

NP Aerospace is acknowledged as world leader in compression moulding and composite material technology. The company is one of the largest thermosetting moulding companies in Europe. Its extensive range of helmets and bullet-proof vests are used by many military and security organizations worldwide. NP Aerospace is Quality Assurance Approved ISO 9001.

Its joint venture, NPAJ, has the capacity to deliver high quality products which measure up to the highest standards expected by clients in the Middle East and North Africa region at competitive prices.

NPJ Products

NP Aerospace Jordan are specialists in the design and manufacture of high quality ballistic helmets, body armour and ballistic plates that offer high protection levels at reduced weight due to the use of NP Aerospace’s unique and patented MAMT technology.

NP Aerospace are one of the largest thermosetting moulding companies in Europe. Our range various helmets and bullet proof vests are used by many military and security organizations worldwide.

Within NP Aerospace, we have extensive design, test and ancillary equipment and the proven expertise to produce the most complex of mouldings. We also have considerable in-depth experience in the performance characteristics of modern fibre reinforced materials.

NP Aerospace is a Quality Assurance Approved ISO 9001.

NP Aerospace Jordan now manufactures helmets and body armour specially designed to meet the specific requirements of the Middle East and North Africa.

The range of products include:

  • Ballistic Helmets.
    • AC1200J/500
    • AC200/650
    • GS MK6
    • AFV/400
  • Body Armour
    • CPV 720
    • CPV 1000
    • CA/BA
    • CPV 1200
    • CV 200/CV240
    • CV 450
    • CV 600
  • Visors
    • Bullet Proof Visor
    • Ballistic Visor
  • Ceramic Plates.
    • CBP/3/L – CBP/4/L

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NP Aerospace Jordan

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