Denel Land Systems

Established in 1953, as LIW, Denel Land Systems is today one of South Africa’s leading defence equipment manufacturing companies, whose primary product focus is the provision of armaments such as complete 155mm Artillery Systems, Armoured and Infantry Combat Turrets and Naval and Air Defence Systems.

DLS is active across a broad spectrum of engineering activities and capable of delivering a unique integrated service. DLS develops and supplies products in various engineering disciplines that complies with requirements, nationally and internationally, utilising existing and emerging technologies to satisfy the client. DLS’s capabilities encompass concept initiation through design, manufacturing and logistical support.

G5 155mm Towed Howitzer

The G5 is a proven, reliable and accurate 155mm long-range gun with an auxiliary power unit. The auxiliary power-unit provides hydraulic power for easy and rapid deployment, as well as giving the gun a self-propelled capability for tactical movement. The G5 system has been developed for modern warfare. Intensive testing under all possible conditions, as well as continuous feedback from military operations to the design engineers, have resulted in a gun that is not only immensely practical, but also extremely reliable and user-friendly.

G6 155mm Self Propelled Howitzer

The G6 is a highly mobile and accurate 155mm long-range gun. Mounted on an armoured chassis driven by six wheels and capable of a road speed in excess of 85 km/h, the G6 is ideally suited to supporting the movement, deployment and action of mechanised infantry and armoured divisions. No transporters are required for strategic movement over long ranges.

T6 155mm Self Contained Turret

Based on the design of the well-known G6 turret, the T6 52 calibre turret, initially fitted onto the T72 chassis, can now be fitted onto any other suitable vehicle or platform. The new turret will be of particular interest to customers who have a requirement for proven and reliable long-range fire power, and who already manufacture a suitable vehicle or wish to use a vehicle of their choice.

Armour/Infantry Turrets

  • LIW Combat Turret (LCT) 12.7 mm
  • LCT 20 mm
  • LCT 40 mm
  • LCT 30/35 mm
  • DLS Medium Turret (LMT) 105 mm
Naval & Air Defence Products
  • DPG Twin 35mm Naval Mount

The DLS quality assurance system is linked to the international ISO 9001 quality standard (DEKRA certified) which has placed it among world class and best practices companies.

DLS employs approximately 600 people with a high proportion of engineers, scientists, technicians and technologists and maintains a culture of continuous human resource development. The DLS vision is to be the best land-based system supplier to our identified market segments.


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March 2003

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SOUTH AFRICA SHOWS ADVANCED NEW ARTILLERY SYSTEM Wednesday, March 19, 2003 Minister of Defence, Mr Mosiuoa Lekota, today (16 March) unveiled [more]

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Denel Land Systems

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