Decision Sciences International Corporation

Decision Sciences, a provider of advanced security and contraband detection systems, has its headquarters and an R&D center in Poway, California with offices in Virginia. Decision Sciences brings together cutting-edge science, hardware, and software development, AI algorithms alongside systems integration and manufacturing to improve the safety and security of the global community.

Based on revolutionary and disruptive technology originally invented by physicists at the U.S. Department of Energy Los Alamos National Laboratory, the Discovery® Multi Mode Passive Detection System (MMPDS) was subsequently developed with considerable private sector investment and expertise.

The Discovery® system is a totally passive, safe, and effective, scanning system for quickly detecting, locating, and identifying unshielded to heavily shielded radiological and nuclear threats, explosives and other contraband including weapons, alcohol, cigarettes/tobacco, drugs/narcotics, precious metals, smuggled humans and numerous other items of interest and anomalies. The core Muon tomography technology inherent in the Discovery® system also has wide ranging applications beyond the security arena, including in the medical, mining, energy and manufacturing industries and can facilitate the efficient, effective collection and aggregation of significant amounts of previously unavailable data in these areas.

The Discovery® Scanning System

Discovery® uses muon tomography, a revolutionary technology developed at Los Alamos National Lab. This technology detects muons and electrons—naturally occurring charged particles that constantly and safely pass through the atmosphere. Discovery® scanning translates this particle data into accurate, informative, 3D visualizations.

A Passive System - Safer and with greater uptime than X-ray

Discovery® emits no ionizing radiation. Unlike X-ray, Discovery® passively tracks natural particles, providing a safer work environment. Discovery® does not expose operators, drivers, law enforcement/k9 officers, or sensitive cargo to harmful radiation. Compared to X-ray, it can slash energy, and manpower costs. And, with no moving parts, Discovery® requires less maintenance.

Discovery® visualization penetrates all the shielding materials—water, ice, steel, lead, concrete—that block X-ray. With unlimited viewing angles, Discovery® creates 3D images in as little as 30 seconds.

Discovery® vs. X-Ray/Gamma Imaging Systems

Discovery® Scanning System

·        100% safe with no ionizing radiation

·        Totally passive system with no safety exclusion needed

·        Provides detection and material classification

·        3D visualizations and image slicing

·        Low cost maintenance and no moving parts

·        Operationally available over 98% of the time

·        Can penetrate over 1,000 mm of steel and through lids

X-Ray/Gamma Imaging Systems

·        Produces harmful ionizing radiation

·        Requires safety exclusion zones

·        Limited material discrimination capability

·        Requires operators/visual interpretation of 2D images

·        High-cost maintenance and replacement parts

·        Operationally available less than 60% of the time

·        Unable to penetrate 400 mm of steel or through liquids


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