Armiger is a British strategic intelligence and advisory consultancy delivering intelligence-led, technology-driven business risk, security and crisis management solutions. Armiger has assembled a highly skilled and experienced team of security and technology professionals to provide business risk management solutions to allow clients to pursue their business objectives wherever they operate. 

Armiger aims to provide clients with bespoke, intellect-driven research, analysis and intelligence to support their risk management decisions, advising them on how to keep their personnel, assets, reputations and profitability secure -particularly during periods of heightened uncertainty, insecurity and instability in emerging, challenging and hostile environments. 


Armiger is a global strategic intelligence consultancy providing organisations with world-class product. The company provides state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, using the very latest developments in AI technology and the most advanced analytical algorithms available, to acquire, summarise and analyse key data and information, delivering clients powerful, relevant and perceptive commercial intelligence and predictive analytics, allowing the timely identification of threat to their operations wherever these may be. 

Armiger has the skill and expertise to access data from the widest possible range of available sources, and, supported by an international network of trusted associates judiciously established over many years, can combine these disciplines and techniques to provide cutting-edge strategic intelligence reports, supported by discreet closed-source information in a number of key areas and disciplines. 

Armiger offers clients bespoke regional/country/area/sector-specific security reports via its information-gathering platforms and comprehensive databases, offering instantaneous research and investigative capabilities, delivering outstanding functionality and performance.

Risk Management

Armiger supports its strategic advisory arm by providing holistic risk management solutions to client requirements. Armiger’s mission is to assist commercial and governmental entities achieve their objectives in a secure and cost-effective fashion by reducing their exposure to risk in all theatres of operations.Armiger can provide clients with a bespoke, high-quality and responsive service based on a clear understanding of operational needs and ethical responsibilities, with a focus on optimal cost-effectiveness. 

Armiger’s management team has access to highly qualified consultants drawn from high-level military, intelligence, legal and specialist security technology backgrounds with outstanding knowledge and experience, both in the field of security and the inter-relation of security and human rights. Armiger is thus able to provide a first-rate, creative, cost-effective and personal service to solve clients’ security problems from initial diagnosis to solution. 

Armiger’s Risk Management division offers:


‍• Strategic consultancy 

• Security programme design 

• Due Diligence and investigations


• Hostile Environment risk management

• Journey management planning

• Crisis response Logistics and equipment supply

• Close Protection 

Pathfinder Services

• Pre-entry reconnaissance and liaison 

• Premises and services set-up 

• Contract and site mobilisation 


• Management training

• Operational training

• Human Rights Compliance training


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