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Agile Borders has been set up to serve governments, airlines, ferry operators, GDS (Global Distribution System) providers, and other members of the travel community, to get the most value, best functionality, least complexity, and inexpensive compliance with Passenger data systems. Passenger data systems which use API (Advance Passenger Information), iAPI (interactive Advance Passenger Information), and PNR (Passenger Name Records) are being deployed all over the world to help make travel safer and to help defend borders and nations from many threats such as terrorism, smuggling, organized crime, and people trafficking, to name just a few.

Agile Borders is available to assist governments define their requirements when going to market for API, iAPI, and PNR systems. We can facilitate workshops with stakeholders to ensure that a procurement process delivers a passenger data system that meets the needs of the various agencies requiring passenger data. Such an approach will maximize operational efficiencies and improve passenger flow at the border. It is vital to ensure passenger data projects are designed with the travel community in mind, ensuring that air carriers, ferry companies and others will be able to send data to the government in the format and within the timescales required. Such consultation in the design phase of a potential solution will prove to be a very wise investment and make for a smooth, successful project. There are several government passenger data projects which have been delayed because of non-standard requests being made and formats being used with which the travel community simply cannot comply.

We also offer RFI (request for information) and RFP (request for proposal) writing services to governments, using our years of experience working with government agencies and members of the travel community around the world. A well written RFI and/or RFP ensures quality responses from service providers as well as a solution which will meet the requirements of the government.

Agile Borders also offers support and guidance to airlines, ferry operators, GDS providers, and other members of the travel community who may be struggling to comply with requests made of them to provide passenger information to governments. We are available to assist carriers review the costs associated with complying with API and PNR requests from governments. Such costs can be considerable and there may be several ways to comply with government requests which could mean considerable savings for the travel community.

Agile Borders is available for long or short term assignments globally. We can work remotely or be based within your organization. We seek to work directly with governments, members of the travel community, or on a partnership, joint venture or consultancy basis with other organizations.


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August 2017

Agile Borders Limited 29th August 2017

European Border Control, Schengen Zone Exit Checks – Can API remove delays? The thoughts of Andrew Priestley   This summer, the British m[more]

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Agile Borders Limited

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