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Nuctech Company Limited originating out of Tsinghua University, Beijing is a security inspection product manufacturer and security solutions supplier specializing in own-brand radiation imaging equipment.

NUCTECH owns all of the intellectual property rights (IPR) to its core technologies, with an ethos of being self-reliant on its own innovations, integrating those innovations and further promoting and developing innovation. Aiming at sound, stable, balanced and sustainable development, and adhering to the strategy of ‘going global’, NUCTECH’s products have been sold to more than 130 countries and regions in five continents, covering the fields of civil aviation, Customs, urban subways, railways, highways, ports and key buildings and facilities, gaining widespread recognition and occupying an important position in the global market.


Product Brief:


Mobile Container/Vehicle Inspection System
The NUCTECHTM MT Series, an innovative mobile X-ray inspection system, can provide excellent screening features such as organic/inorganic material discrimination, fast-scan and radioactivity monitoring. MT Series combines elegant design and modern appearance with flexible maneuverability and rapid deployment.


Railway Cargo/Vehicle Inspection System
The NUCTECHTM RF Series Railway Cargo/Vehicle Inspection System is an ideal solution for non-intrusive and rapid inspection of railroad vehicles at a fixed railway station or border crossing. The designing concept of RF product originated from the customized requirements of our clients across the world, which is a good example of the positive interaction between enterprise and market.


Fast-Scan Container/Vehicle Inspection System
The NUCTECHTM FS Series is a unique high throughput drive-through portal X-ray inspection system. Adopting accelerators energy levels ranging from 1.5MeV to 6MeV, FS Series is an ideal free-flow security solution for inspecting cars, cargo containers, empty containers, container trucks at seaports, border crossings, airports and etc.


Cargo/Vehicle Inspection System
The NUCTECHTM PB Series Cargo/Vehicle Inspection System is an ideal portal security solution for precise non-intrusive container/vehicle inspection. PB Series is available in single or dual view versions and can be equipped with the patented technology of the interlaced Dual Energy (IDE).


Air Cargo Inspection System
The NUCTECHTM AC Series, an innovative air cargo inspection system, is especially designed to fully meet the needs and applications of air cargo transport. Compared with conventional air cargo scanners, AC Series adopts a high-energy Electron Linear Accelerator as its radiation source to obtain optimal X-ray geometry and outstanding image quality

X-ray Inspection System
Nuctech Company Limited offers a series of X-ray inspection systems for mail, carry-on baggage, luggage, cargo, and pallet cargo screening, with various tunnel sizes, dual-view and dual-tunnel options. Based on the best proven CX products platform, the CX Series has fully inherited the world-leading image performance, ergonomic user interface, advanced imaging enhancing algorithms, powerful functions and network applications, as well as high reliability and safety.


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December 2006

Nuctech Company Limited 7th December 2006

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Nuctech Company Limited

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