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Lincoln Security has introduced a new electronic lock and key system called the eLOQ.

eLOQ is an innovative electronic lock and key system which offers a greater degree of flexibility and auditability than traditional locking systems.

All keys are programmable, so when a key is issued to a user it becomes unique to them.

Personalised time and date restrictions can be set for each user; in addition to which locks they can and cannot open, for full control over access privileges.

When the keys are inserted into an eLOQ lock, an audit trail is stored in both the keys and the lock. This audit trail can be retrieved from the key at a computer or at a wall reader; individual locks can also have their audit trail collected by an authorised person if required.

Should a key become lost or stolen, it can be ‘blacklisted' - locks can be updated to have the lost stored in the ‘blacklist'.

Keys can be given a re-validation period, which means if users do not present their key at a wall reader or to an encoder at set times, it will stop working until it has been revalidated again.

The locks do not contain batteries or require wiring; all of the power is taken from the keys. This means that access control and accountability can be deployed easily and quickly wherever they are needed.

eLOQ software has been designed for easy use ; users keys and locks can be added to a system and be administered all from once place.

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