Security & Counter Terror Expo2014-04-24 04:56:41

STREIT Group exhibits the latest in its range of armored vehicles using 3rd party technologies at CTX

As the world becomes ever more dangerous with civil disputes, border threat levels and GEO-Political tensions rising; security companies, governments and police forces are demanding ever increased sophistication and value from armoured vehicle manufacturers.

Streit Group is planning to showcase an expanded range of up-armoured and armoured vehicles for personal protection, specialized transport and patrol at this year's Counter Terror Expo. Specifically, they will be presenting a range of APC's - Scorpion, Puma and Spartan along with Streit vehicles based on Mercedes S550, ML63 and GL550.

Streit is advancing through the addition of 3rd party technology to become not just a vehicle manufacturer but a bespoke provider of vehicle based technology and systems Integration services.

The major focus for Streit Group, during Counter Terror Expo, will be the up-armoured solutions it is targeting at the private security sector and government agencies which are intending to ensure the safety of their VIPs and personnel whilst on the move, especially when faced with a heightened terrorist threat.

At CTX Streit will also be holding a presentation to announce the latest additions to its armored product range.

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