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Denel (Pty) Ltd
2006-09-25 20:25:17


With the reveal to the market of a radically different and unique new assault weapon called Neopup, Denel Munitions’ PMP plant is developing a full range of 20 x 42mm calibre ammunition for it.

The 20mm round with its explosive head virtually gives cannon firepower to the infantry soldier. Weapons firing 20mm ammunition are generally integrated on fighting vehicles, ships and aircraft, whereas infantry soldiers traditionally carry light assault weapons, like 5.56mm or 7.62mm calibre rifles.

As Tony Neophytou, designer of the Neopup (and the successful Denel NTW-20 anti-materièl rifle) explained: “Military users have thus far shied away from 20mm rifles, mainly because of high recoil forces in man-portable versions.?

A very effective recoil mitigating system removes that problem in the Neopup.

“Having taken care of recoil, we are concentrating on a very compact design to achieve high performance in a personal assault weapon for the 21st century,? Tony Neophytou said. “The devastating firepower for the infantryman over ranges up to 1000m is more than a quantum leap forward.?

PMP as a world-renowned supplier of small and medium calibre ammunition is supporting the Neopup with a range of 20 x42mm rounds. Types being developed are HE (high explosive), HE IT, SAPHEI, TP and TPT.

Trials with the Neopup showed it delivers the 110g projectile at a muzzle velocity of 305m/s – a tremendous advantage for infantry who needs short time of flight firepower. This benefit is vastly improved with the 1000m range and explosive projectile.

According to PMP’s executive marketing manager, Mr Phaladi Petje, the 20 x 42mm ammunition range is as radically different and unique as the Neopup itself.

“PMP has extensive experience with development of custom ammunition like the 20 x 82mm ammunition for the Denel NTW-20,? Phaladi Petje said. “Tests with the 20 x 42mm in the Neopup are proving very successful over ranges of 1000m – despite the entire round being 105mm long in a 42mm long case.?

The Neopup’s magazine takes seven rounds at present, with one in the chamber. Further developments could lead to a belt-fed version of the weapon.

Development of crowd control non-lethal ammunition, including rubber bullet and CS rounds, is also envisaged.

At present the Neopup weighs 5.7kg empty and is 845mm long (stowed 770mm).
Ammunition is fed via the 7-round magazine and a gas operated rotating bolt-action.

Ample space is provided for sights on the side-by-side picatinny rails. Options include red dot and scope, with night vision goggle (NVG) compatibility.

For more information contact:
Denel (Pty) Ltd
PO Box 8322
South Africa

Tel: +27 12 671-2700
Fax: +27 12 671-2793













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