Under the brand names FN HERSTAL, Browning and Winchester, the Herstal Group equips virtually the entire world and owes its worldwide recognition to its capacity for invention, its continuing commitment to quality and its thorough understanding of the customers' needs.

FN303â„¢ - less lethal launcher:
a viable option to lethal force

FN HERSTAL designs, manufactures and distributes a full range of firearms and accessories for defense and law enforcement as well as sells a full range of airborne weapon systems for multi-role helicopters and subsonic aircraft. FN HERSTAL not only supplies the customer with machine gun specially adapted to airborne applications, it also integrates the weaponry into the carrier by providing and installing suspension masts, stores and management systems, electrical cabling and sighting devices.

The M2HB-QCB .50cal heavy machine gun is capable of firing explosive incendiary rounds and a full range of ball, tracer, armour piercing and incendiary cartridges. Mounted on the M3 tripod it provides heavy fire support for the infantry against light armour but it can also be used to engage low flying aircraft and helicopters. It is the ideal weapon to mount on soft-skinned and armoured vehicles and also on patrol boats as the main or secondary armament.

MINIMIâ„¢ Machine Gun 5.56 x 45 mm - The SPW model

The MINIMIâ„¢ belt-fed machine gun can be mounted on tripods and vehicle mounts to provide 1,000rpm firepower up to 1,000m. A Para model with a shorter barrel and sliding buttstock and a SPW model with features such as the integral bipod and magazine feed removed to decrease the weapon's weight are also available. These specialised models have a range of 800m and the SPW's rate of fire is reduced to 750rpm. This combat proven machine gun, recently acquired by the UK Armed Forces, has demonstrated outstanding reliability in all combat conditions, including both Gulf wars.

The MAGâ„¢ 7.62mm medium support machine gun has an effective range of up to 1,500m (with tripod) and a cyclic rate of fire of up to 1,000rpm. It is designed so that it can easily be mounted on vehicles, aircraft and boats to provide effective defence against dismounted troops in the open and behind light protective structures. FN HERSTAL's 7.62mm NATO rounds provide excellent penetration and are available in armour-piercing format.

F2000â„¢ Integrated weapon system 5.56 x 45 mm / 40mm LV

The design of the F2000, based on interchangeable modules, and its capability to take a variety of accessories, enables it to meet the present and future requirement of different types of units in a wide range of missions. It is the first 5.56 bullpup rifle to be fully ambidextrous without modification.

P90® Submachine Gun, 5.7 x 28 mm

The Five-seveN® Pistols, 5.7 x 28 mm
The 5.7 x 28mm Weapon System is based around the SS190 round which can be fired by both the P90® submachine gun and the Five-seveN® pistol. Both weapons are ergonomically designed with no protruding parts and can be field stripped without tools in a very short amount of time.

With a maximum effective range of 200m and a 900rpm firing rate, this 3kg weapon is highly versatile, having both single shot and fully automatic firing modes. The P90® is fitted with an integrated optical sight that allows the user to shoot with both eyes open; this can easily be replaced with other types of sights.

The Five-seveN® tactical pistol is a single action pistol with hidden hammer characterised by a short, light trigger pull for fast accurate shooting.

FN HERSTAL's range of aircraft crew-served armaments includes a 7.62mm and a .50 cal machine gun. These weapons can be installed externally, on floors or in windows and we also supply the interfaces (pintles, etc.), design, installation and integration of these in helicopters and aircraft. Training and after-sales services are also available. At present, more than 700 helicopters and subsonic aircraft have been equipped with these systems.

FN HERSTAL produces rocket launchers of varying capacities, machine gun pods and combined rocket launcher and machine gun pods for helicopters and subsonic aircraft. All weapon pods feature 14in NATO standard suspension lugs.

Ultima Ratio® Commando sniper rifle, 7.62 x 51 mm NATO

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July 2011

FN HERSTAL, S.A 8th July 2011

FN Herstal Acquires Finnish Opto-Electronic Business, Noptel Belgium-based firearms manufacturer FN Herstal announces acquisition of Finnish Compan[more]

June 2010

FN HERSTAL, S.A 11th June 2010

FN Herstal Introduces A New Less Lethal Solution Belgium-based FN Herstal is introducing its newly developed FN 303 Pâ„¢ Less Lethal Launcher. [more]

FN HERSTAL, S.A 10th June 2010

Special Forces Vehicles Equipped with a New Powerful and Reliable Solution Following market requirements, Belgium-based firearms manufacturer FN He[more]

FN HERSTAL, S.A 11th June 2010

FN Herstal has recently announced the launch of its newly designed 9mm FNSâ„¢-9 pistol on the market. The FNSâ„¢-9 pistol has been develope[more]

May 2010

FN HERSTAL, S.A 7th May 2010

The FN SCAR Reaches FINAL Milestone FN Herstal, S.A. (FN) received notification from the USSOCOM Program Executive Office SOF Warrior (PEO-SW) that[more]

January 2010

FN HERSTAL, S.A 28th January 2010

FN awarded a contract by Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) for K0-1 program including the supply of axially mounted HMP250 pods. FN Herstal, a world[more]

November 2009

FN HERSTAL, S.A 13th November 2009

Belgium-based FN Herstal, a world leader in small arms manufacture, will exhibit two innovative products at MILIPOL 2009 The FN Moving Red Dot Fire[more]

October 2009

FN HERSTAL, S.A 23rd October 2009

FN Infantry Weapons on Display at DEFENSE & SECURITY 2009 in Bangkok FN Herstal, a world leader in small arms manufacture, will exhibit its infantr[more]

April 2009

FN HERSTAL, S.A 9th April 2009

Infantry Weapons and Airborne Weapon Systems On Display at LAAD A global leader in the manufacture of small caliber weapons, ammunition, and weapon[more]

February 2009

FN HERSTAL, S.A 25th February 2009

FN Herstal's Innovative Products on Display at IDEX 2009 FN Herstal, a world leader in small arms manufacture, will exhibit two innovative addition[more]

December 2008

FN HERSTAL, S.A 27th December 2008

FN Herstal Announces FN IAR Awarded FN Herstal announced today that on 22 December 2008, the FN Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR) was down-selected as[more]

June 2008

FN HERSTAL, S.A 13th June 2008

FN Herstal announce the SCARâ„¢ assault rifle will be officially introduced onto the international market at EUROSATORY FN Herstal is pleased t[more]

March 2008

FN HERSTAL, S.A 13th March 2008

Brand new sophisticated Test & Evaluation Centre inaugurated at FN Herstal Belgium-based Herstal Group, the parent Company of weapon manufacturer F[more]

November 2007

FN HERSTAL, S.A 22nd November 2007

U.S. Customs and Border Protection chooses the FN303 Less Lethal System to maintain border security FN Herstal’s subsidiary in Washington, U[more]

September 2007

FN HERSTAL, S.A 25th September 2007

FN HERSTAL Less Lethal Demonstrations at MILIPOL PARIS, 9-12 October 2007 Hall 7.3 – Belgian Pavilion - Stand No 3N81 FN Herstal will be [more]

FN HERSTAL, S.A 4th September 2007

NEW FN303 LESS LETHAL PROJECTILES FN Herstal is now offering two new projectiles for its FN303 Less Lethal Launcher. The PAVA projectile (Pelarg[more]

May 2007

FN HERSTAL, S.A 2nd May 2007

During the Govsec / Law Enforcement / Ready ! Show at Brussels Expo, world’s leading manufacturer of small arms FN Herstal, Belgium, will give [more]

September 2005

FN HERSTAL, S.A 14th September 2005

FN HERSTAL, S.A. and FIOCCHI MUNIZIONI S.p.A. announce cooperation agreement FN HERSTAL, S.A. (Belgium) and FIOCCHI MUNIZIONI S.p.A. (Italy) are pl[more]

July 2005

FN HERSTAL, S.A 13th July 2005

FN display at the show a full range of portable weapons at DSEi 2005 DSEI this year will give FN HERSTAL the opportunity to demonstrate its capabil[more]

May 2004

FN HERSTAL, S.A 28th May 2004

ARROWS 300-series - Advanced Reconnaissance & Remotely Operated Weapon System ARROWS is the world's most advanced remotely operated weapon stat[more]

March 2004

FN HERSTAL, S.A 20th March 2004

The new FN SPecial Police Rifle (SPR), .308 Win. This precision bolt-action rifle is an essential part of any tactical team.The FN Special Police R[more]

October 2003

FN HERSTAL, S.A 2nd October 2003

New FN Tactical Police shotgun At FN HERSTAL, we've designed our entire line of Police shotguns to meet real world scenarios and operational requir[more]

March 2003

FN HERSTAL, S.A 6th March 2003

FNP9-M 9x19mm NATO, TOMORROW'S CLASSIC The FNP family of pistols pistol is the newest edition of FN HERSTAL's long-standing tradition of quality an[more]

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